About Planit Products

Planit Products Ltd is a manufacturer of innovative cookware and house ware products.  Their MD, Guy Unwin, came up with the idea for toastabags®, their original and best selling item, over 10 years ago.  A lover of toasted sandwiches but not of the mess the traditional sandwich machines made, Guy designed and patented the toastabag®, a way of making a toasted sandwich in your toaster with no fuss and no mess.  The original toastabag® was taken on by Lakeland and soon became one of their best selling lines.  


Since then Guy and his team have created many complimentary products for the kitchen and home.  Guy’s Partner Caroline Kavanagh heads up the Sales and Marketing Department and she accompanied him to BBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2008 where they had offers from two of the Dragons.  In the end they managed to secure a loan from the bank instead meaning that they received the investment they needed without having to give away any shares.


Of course having an inventor as an MD can sometimes throw an unexpected idea into the mix, a perfect example of this being the H2gO Bag™, a way of transporting up to 80L of water in a wheel barrow where no hosepipe is available.  This product was launched nearly 3 years ago and has been a runaway success in the garden and equestrian markets throughout the UK and Europe.


Whilst being a UK company, Planit Products utilises manufacturing facilities in both the UK and China, allowing them the flexibility to meet any customers needs worldwide whether large own brand requirements for supermarkets; small orders for the individual store; promotional items; or directly to the consumer online.


Planit Products ever evolving and growing portfolio of products means that they always have something new and exciting to offer; with many of them patented and trademarked the range of items are truly individual and innovative.