You can use toastabags to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets and more! Click the links below to see a selection of our favorite recipes!

ENGLAND – English Breakfast

Place rashers of cooked bacon (you can do this in your toastabag) on a slice of bread.  Top with Baked Beans, grated cheese and sliced tomato.


ARGENTINA – Chimichurri Steak

To make chimichurri sauce, puree together garlic, seeded jalapenos, olive oil, parsley, cilantro, oregano and white wine vinegar.  Cut cooked sirloin steak into thin strips and place onto one slice of bread spread with the chimichurri sauce.


FRANCE – Croque Monsieur

Spread a piece of bread with Dijon mustard, add cheese and ham.  Or for the full French experience why not substitute the bread with a croissant?  Slice it in half and fill the middle.


MEXICO – Fajita

Fill a flour tortilla with thin slices of chorizo, jalapenos, grated Monterey jack cheese and salsa.  Wrap the tortilla securely, place into the toastabag and heat until cheese has thoroughly melted.  Serve with guacamole and sour cream.


KOREA REPUBLIC – Pulgogi and Kimchi

To make the Pulgogi: grill thinly sliced that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic, sugar, onions, black pepper and chilli pepper.  To make the Kimchi, mix together shredded cabbage and radish fermented in ginger brine. Place the mixture onto one slice of bread and top with the Pulgogi beef.


USA – Toasted Sloppy Joe

Fry ground beef until cooked.  Spread one slice of bread with ketchup or relish and top with the ground beef. Finish with a layer of grated cheese.


GERMANY – Toasted Hotdog

Spread mustard and ketchup on one slice of bread.  Top with sauerkraut and slices of hotdog.


AUSTRALIA – Vegemite Eggy Bread

Whisk eggs and cream together and season well. Dip the bread into the egg mixture to coat both sides.  Place into toastabag and toast until cooked.  When cooked spread with vegemite.


SERBIA – Serbian Burger

Mix together ground beef, chopped onion and crushed hot paprika (or any hot red chilli). Shape into balls and flatten into small burger shapes. Grill the burgers until cooked and place between 2 slices of bread with sauce of your choice (e.g. ketchup)



Top one slice of bread with ham, fried egg and grated cheese, cover with other slice of bread.  Pop in toastabag® and toast!


APAN – Wasabi Tuna Melt

Mix together tinned tuna with Wasabi (a hot Japanese horseradish). Spread a thick layer of the wasabi tuna onto one slice of bread


ITALY – Panini

Place slices of buffalo mozzarella and tomato on focaccia or ciabatta bread.  Top with a few leaves of fresh basil.


PARAGUAY – Stuffed Tortillas

Mixed together chopped garlic, grated cheese, chopped olives, raisins, salt & pepper.  Put a spoonful of the mixture, a thin slice of onion and some sliced boiled egg onto a flour tortilla.  Wrap the tortilla and place in the toastabag®.  Cook until cheese is thoroughly melted.


SLOVAKIA – Smazeny Syr

Spread Tartar sauce on the bread and top with slice of edam cheese.


BRAZIL – National Dish Toastie

Spread black bean sauce over one slice of bread and top with slices of roast pork.


IVORY COAST – Cocoa Toastie

Spread one slice of bread with a generous layer of Chocolate spread


PORTUGAL – Chicken Peri Peri

Spread a generous layer of mayonnaise onto one slice of bread.  Place thin slices of chargrilled chicken breast marinated in peri peri sauce on top.


SPAIN – Paella Tortilla

Gently fry chopped onions, green pepper and carrot in olive oil. And chopped tomatoes, rice, water, garlic, saffron and parsley and bring to the boil.  Slowly cook for 10 mins, then add peeled prawns.  Cook for a further 10 mins or until rice has cooked.  Place mixture onto a flour tortilla and wrap.  Heat in toastabags®.


SWITZERLAND – Cheese Fondue

ToastieCook grated Swiss cheese (eg Emmental or Gruyere), garlic and white wine in a saucepan over low heat until cheese has melted, stirring constantly.  Allow to cool and then spread onto bread.


GREECE – Lamb & Feta Pitta Bread

Cook some lamb and cut into slices, mix together with cut up cubes of feta cheese and mint.  Cut a pitta in half, fill with the lamb and feta mixture.  Place in toastabag® and toast until warmed through.


International Toasted Sandwiches