Quicker than frying, healthier then grilling. Size 20x35cm approx


  • Quick and easy

  • No washing up

  • Absorbs fat to aid healthier diet


1. ARRANGE - Place Bacon side by side on the red side of the crisper sheet - as shown in picture.
2. FOLD - Fold the crisper sheet to cover the bacon.
3. Microwave for 2 minutes
4. Check bacon, if requires further cooking, cook for 1 more minute. Repeat until cooked to preferred taste.
5. Enjoy crispy bacon from your microwave and dispose of the sheet.
Please note that cooking times are dependant on wattage of microwave, type of bacon and personal taste.

Available in 5 per pack or 10 pack

from £1.29

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Crispy bacon made easy in your microwave. The healthier alternative to frying and grilling.

Microwave Bacon Sheets