You can use toastabags to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets and more! Click the links below to see a selection of our favorite recipes!

Peanut butter and Jam

An American classic. Spread peanut butter on one side of a slice of I bread, then spread the jam thickly on one side of the other slice, sandwich together spread sides, put in bag and cook. If you want to be really naughty add some marshmallows!!


Banana and Honey

Spread honey onto one side of both slices of bread. Slice a banana into 3-5mm discs. Place on the bread.   Try this with apple slices for a change.


Apple and Jam

With a sharp knife core and slice an apple into rings 2-3 mm.  Evenly spread the slices in the toastabag and cook.  Spread the jam onto one slice of bread, place on cooked apple slices and sandwich.


Spiced Apple and raisin

Spoon some mincemeat from a jar and spread on bread, sandwich, and butter both the outside slices. Bag and cook.


Chocolate and Raisin

Butter one side of each slice of bread. Spread Chocolate Spread thickly on the unbuttered sides of the bread, sprinkle raisins as desired onto the chocolate spread. Sandwich the chocolate sides together and cook in the bag.



Banana & Demerara Sugar

Prepare bread by buttering lightly, spread with mashed banana and a teaspoon of Demerara sugar.


Banana, Apple & Cinnamon

For a sweet alternative mix chopped banana, apple, grapes cut in halves, sprinkle with cinnamon and a little whipped cream toast and serve.


Rice Pudding & Jam

Mix some cooked rice pudding, spread on toast almost to the edge then dribble on some fruit compote or jam.


Pineapple, Cherries & Chocolate

Mix chopped pineapple, cherries, without stones, and top with grated chocolate then toast.


Chocolate Spread & Peaches

Spread chocolate spread on bread then top with sliced peaches and a pinch of ginger, seal and toast.



Sweet Toasted Sandwiches